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Clean up, customize, or create new sounds and soundtracks.
Software Information of Adobe Soundbooth CS4 2.0.1
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Publisher's Descriptionof Adobe Soundbooth CS4 2.0.1

Adobe Soundbooth CS4 software gives web designers, video editors, and other creative professionals the tools to create and polish audio, customize music, add sound effects, and do much more.


* Multitrack support and volume matching save you time

Soundbooth CS4 now allows you to work on more than one mono or stereo file at a time. In addition, third-party research shows volume matching across multiple clips saves significant production time.

* Uneven volume is corrected with a single click

New in Soundbooth CS4: You can match volume across several tracks at the same time or smooth out the volume level differences of actors or speakers in recorded dialogue or interview clips.

* The nondestructive ASND file format brings enhanced integration

The Adobe Sound Document (ASND) format packages multiple tracks into a single nondestructive file that can be shared with Adobe Premiere Pro, Flash Professional, and After Effects.

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