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10 titeling plugins for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express
Software Information of CHV Text-collection 4.0
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Publisher's Descriptionof CHV Text-collection 4.0

The Text-collection consists of 10 completey new plugins made to create perfect credit-rolls, sub-titles and all other titeling jobs with Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express.

Content of the Text-collection V4.0:

-Letter Emitter V4.0: A real particle emitter that uses letters and characters
-Bezier Text Pro V4.0: Let a text line run along a Bezier spline
-Highlight Text Pro V4.0: The Highlighting text plugin.
-Scaling Text Pro V4.0: Scale and animate a text line on a bezier spline
-Spiral Text Pro V4.0: A plugin that creates spirals with text running along
-Lissajous Text Pro V4.0: The first ever plugin for creating Lissajous figures with titles
-Text Pro V4.0: Create perfect and beautiful looking titles
-Typewriter Text Pro V4.0: The first ever Typewriter effect tool on a Bezier spline
-Credits V4.0: Generate the best Credit-rolls ever!
-Sub-Title V4.0: Create perfect rolling Sub-Titles

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