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Calculate data rates for multimedia files.
Software Information of Codec Calculator 3.0
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Publisher's Descriptionof Codec Calculator 3.0

Codec Calculator is for calculating data rates for multimedia files. It can also:

tell you how much video can fit on a CD
Convert from Bits to Bytes
Predict Video data rates for any QuickTime 6 Video Codec
Predict Audio data rates for any QuickTime 6 Audio Codec (even MP3)
Maximum file size for videos
Maximum Time (in seconds,minutes, and hours) for a certain storage area
Calculate the number of video frames in a file
Predict download times
Version 3.0:

*Carbon version coming soon*
New simple interface
Complete code rewrite
Increased prediction accuracy for all video codecs
68000 support dropped
Added BitJazz Sheer, Apple's Pixlet, and JPEG 2000 codecs (30 video codecs total)
Added 3GPP AMR Narrowband and Ogg Vorbis support (17 audio codecs total)
Video Quality control
Key frame every n frames
dropped Indeo R.3 and On2 VP3 support
Integrated general calculator into data rate calculations
More unit conversions in Byte Converter
Number of video frames calculator (ie 00:01:28.02 @ 30fps = 2642 frames)
Download time calculator
Fixed bug that corrupted calculations ("@k#$g%@af#$%Av" in the summary)
No summary to click on for updates. Click on buttons or menus and calculations will update.

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