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creating Video DVD disk images that hides the complexities of Jörg Schilling's
Software Information of DVD Imager 1.6
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Publisher's Descriptionof DVD Imager 1.6

DVD Imager is a user friendly interface for creating Video DVD disk images that hides the complexities of Jörg Schilling's mkisofs tool.

IMPORTANT: DVD Imager doesn't have the ability to defeat commercial DVD video copy protection methods, so it can't be used to copy commercial DVDs.

After creating the disk image, you use either Disk Copy or Disk Utility to burn the disk image to a DVD-R or DVD-RW to create a Video DVD that you can give away. You can also copy the disk image to another computer (even a PC) to burn the disk image.

DVD Imager can create a Video DVD disk image using one of these two methods:
1. a VIDEO_TS folder (a DVD with slideshow created using iDVD, copied from an iDVD created Video DVD, etc)
2. the contents of DVD including the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS, and additional files and folders (such as a DVD with slideshow created using iDVD, a Video DVD created using iDVD, etc)

Step by step instructions for using DVD Imager
1. Use iDVD or some other Video DVD tool to create
A.) a VIDEO_TS folder with muxed video and audio encoded in MPEG2, or
B.)a folder with VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders and additional files and folders.
2. Launch DVD Imager
3. If you chose option A, be sure that VIDEO_TS folder mode is selected. If you chose option B, be sure that Disk Copy Mode is selected.
4. Drag the VIDEO_TS folder onto either the DVD Imager Dock icon or the DVD Imager window. If you chose Disk Copy Mode (option B), DVD Imager will use the AUDIO_TS folder and additional files and folders found in the same location (folder) as the VIDEO_TS folder.
5. Click "Create Image"..
6. Specify the location where you want the disk image to be placed (if this is the first time you've created a disk image with DVD Imager, or if a checkmark appears in "Prompt for New Location").

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