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Easy Beat- Midi music for Mac OS X made easy.
Software Information of Easy Beat 2.2.1
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Publisher's Descriptionof Easy Beat 2.2.1

easy beat is a music authoring program for composing, scoring, and playing songs on Mac OS X.

As the easiest-to-use, full-fledged MIDI sequencer, easy beat was designed to be used in the way that most musicians really work. It does not require following a structured process or read extensive user manuals. Instead, it allows you to just jot down or lay down the “beginnings” of a song. easy beat helps you capture your creative spark without technology getting in the way.

Later, you can refine and fill out your composition. With easy beat, you can compose songs using up to 16 tracks in multiple views and choose from more than 100 instruments. You can listen to your song using the built-in software synthesizer or an external synthesizer, add effects and variations and print the score and tabulature. easy beat supports your drive from initial possibilities to professional end results.

Instead of the usual tool-based user interface, easy beat uses a simple and intuitive point-and-click technique. Adding, selecting, moving, copying notes - all these operations are done with simple mouse gestures.

Since easy beat can export Midi files to Garageband, it is the perfect Midi frontend for Garageband.

Main Features:

up to 16 song tracks plus a metronome track
multiple views of individual tracks: score, keyboard, TAB, drum, chord and controller views
export to GarageBand.
MIDI import and export as well as export to QuickTime movies and AIFF files
tempo controller
can use all instruments provided by QuickTime or CoreAudio and/or an external synthesizer
compatible with Roland's GS and Yamaha's XG standards
WYSIWYG editing with a simple modeless point-and-click user interface
background music (play songs while you edit them or do something else)
real-time recording (requires a MIDI adapter and a MIDI instrument)
high-quality score printing with on-screen preview
stylistic variations (shuffle, delay, emphasis, arpeggio and simulation.

User review

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