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It can create visualization for iTunes.
Software Information of eXo music visualizer 1.2.4
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Publisher's Descriptionof eXo music visualizer 1.2.4

The exo music visualization engine is fully hardware accelerated and features a 2D procedural texture generation unit and a 3D scene description. It allow to mix both approach in the same environment. Currently it’s running on Mac OS X and uses OpenGL for the acceleration. It uses PBuffer to create the procedural textures.

There are a few nice things about the engine:

- Uses XML to load description, so it’s very flexible
- Has a mathematical parser to evaluate expressions for all behaviour (particles, colors, waveform...)
- Can load 3D shapes in the XML description
- Has a full modular 3D shape synthesizer, really fun to explore !
- A preset system allow to store effect descriptions and to reload them within a simple statement

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