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GIRL is as many modules as your system can handle.
Software Information of GIRL 2.04b
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Publisher's Descriptionof GIRL 2.04b

GIRL is as many modules as your system can handle.

# each module is A [sound, file, VSTi]* loop, each loop can be ALTERED with: -delay, filters, pitch, volume, pan, granulator, ring mod, multiple vst plugins=(which can be altered with LFO's and MIDI)
# all sounds in a module are SEGMENTED into equal lengths -SEGMENTS are triggered by keyboard,MIDI, to make MORE LOOPS=any part of a SOUND may be made into a NEW SEGMENT

:: all LOOP (segments) can be synchronized to other & segments can be sequenced (1...32) with the SEQUENCER
# your mix of sounds can be RECorded to disk.
-and/or sent to other apps with ReWire or DirectConnect or VST
-and/or mixed on 2-16 speakers
# tempo can be shared on a network for group performance

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