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It will dramatically improve your knowledge of the guitar fretboard.
Software Information of Guitar Chord Trainer 1.0
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Publisher's Descriptionof Guitar Chord Trainer 1.0

Using the Ultimate Guitar Chord Trainer, you can dramatically improve your knowledge of the fretboard. Whether it's walking bass lines or chord melodies, a solid, consistent knowledge of chords and your guitar's fretboard are essential to good playing.

Many players complain of being "bored" with their playing. This can be caused by playing the same tired licks over the same tired chords.

Ultimate Guitar Chord Trainer can help! Here's what the Ultimate Guitar Chord Trainer will do for you:

* You will stop thinking of the fretboard in linear fashion. You'll learn to see the fretboard as a piano player does—in chords.

* You will understand how chords are constructed on the guitar fretboard and how to form practically any chord—without thinking.

* You will learn how to play practically every flavor of chord in at least 12 different ways.

* You will learn how to add common chord extensions to every chord you learn by truly understanding how the chords are formed in the first place.

* You will learn how to connect a walking bass line with the chords you learn to sound like 2 guitars at once.

* You will never have to buy a chord calculator or chord chart again because you'll become your own chord calculator.

* You will learn that having a solid knowledge of chords is essential to becoming the guitar player you want to become. The Ultimate Guitar Chord Trainer can help you achieve your goals.

* You will learn 18 chord flavors: Maj7, Dom7, Min7, 6, Min6, Min7b5, Dim, 7#5, Maj7#5, MinMaj7, 9, Min9, 7b5, Maj7b5, 7sus2, 7sus4, Maj7sus2, and Maj7sus4

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