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This multimedia editor lets you combine video, photos, sounds and text to create slideshows, family movies, business presentations and feature films.
Software Information of HyperEngine-AV 1.5
Size:11.38 MB
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Publisher's Descriptionof HyperEngine-AV 1.5

Media clips can be dragged and dropped, imported or captured in real time from a FireWire DV camera; you can then arrange them in the workspace to make movies.

Real-time, editable transitions are automatically created when video clips are dragged on top of each other, and more than a dozen video effects can be applied to any clip. Audio clips can be edited, arranged, stacked and processed to generate trackless soundtracks.

Additional information: This listing is bundled with the Ray Gun, Ray Gun Pro, and Hyperprism demo plug-ins.

Ray Gun is built especially for cleaning up the sound of scratchy old vinyl, tape hiss, and other problem recordings. Ray Gun selectively reduces or removes hiss, hum, crackles, pops and other unwanted audio, while leaving the original signal intact. Pull out the Ray Gun for fixing "staticky" telephone recordings, reducing background noise from dialog and getting rid of pesky line noise. Ray Gun Pro is an enhanced version of Ray Gun.

Hyperprism is a stand-alone program offering more than 40 audio processes - a virtual rack of effects that can be "played" much like any musical instrument. It is built for electronic music production, film, video, broadcast and multimedia sound design.

Ray Gun costs $99.00 and Ray Gun Pro costs $149.00 to purchase. Hyperprism Silver costs $99.00 and Hyperprism Gold costs $299.00 to purchase.

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