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Utility to add iTunes style metadata to mpeg4 video files.
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iDentify is a utility program for adding iTunes style metadata to mpeg4 video files. All data is inserted into the files automatically, reducing or removing the users need to look up everything, and transcribe it manually into other tagging programs. iDentify is NOT meant to replace metaX or Lostify. iDentify is not a replacement for these programs. iDentify can however, reduce or remove your need to manually enter data into these programs by automatically looking up all the relevant information and inserting it into your video files for you.

Using iDentify is easy. Simply select the files you want to tag, and drop them on the iDentify application. iDentify looks at the file name, and looks up information for the title based on the info found in the file name, and inserts that information into the file. Lookups use the TVDB ( ) for TV shows, and the IMDB for movies.

iDentify lets you tag batches of files; tag an entire seasons worth (or more!) of tv series in one go!
You can also provide images to be added into the artwork tag of the video file. To do so for movies, make the name of the image file the same as the video file you want it applied to. For tv shows, name the image file the same as the name of the Series it will be applied to. iDentify currently does not differentiate images by season. So an image named "Dexter.jpg" for example, would be applied to all episode of Dexter, regardless of season. If you want separate images for each season, Do each season as a separate batch.

Don't want to drop files on iDentify? Thats not problem either. Just run iDentify like you would any other application, and it will prompt you for files. Select an entire list of consecutive files by holding down the shift key and selecting the first and last file names in the list, or hold the command key to select multiple, individual files that need not be consecutive.

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