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jMusic is a programming library written for musicians in the Java programming.
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jMusic is a programming library written for musicians in the Java programming language. While still developing, this project hopes to achieve a library that is simple enough for newbie programmers but sophisticated enough to enable composers to accomplish real work, whatever form that may take. jMusic is designed to be used as a compositional medium, therefore it is primarily designed for musicians - not computer programmers. However, many people find jMusic a useful API for music software development, in particular for digital instrument making.

jMusic is:

- A Queensland University of Technology (QUT) music research project. jMusic is based at and supported by the music department of QUT in Brisbane, Australia.

- A computer assisted composition environment. jMusic is designed to assist the compositional process by providing an open but partially structured environment for musical exploration; it can also be used for musical analysis and computer music education.

- A Java package. Programming in jMusic is programming in Java, not in a meta-language or scripting environment. This means that the full power and cross platform independence of Java is maintained, it also means that the more you know about Java programming the more useful jMusic will be to you. Learning jMusic can be a fun way to gain Java programming skills while focusing on making music.

- A Music API. jMusic is a tool for instrument building as well as music making. Java applications can be written using jMusic components. These components include a musical data structure with associated modification and translation classes as well as some graphical user interface elements. With jMusic you can create your own composing tools and environment.

- Free. jMusic is an open source package distributed under the GNU General Public Licence. It is being developed by folk passionate about computer music making and developing tools for themselves and others to create music with. We hope you might

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