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junXion v4 is a Mac OSX data routing application.
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junXion v4 is a Mac OSX data routing application that can process 'sensors' from any HID (joysticks, mice, touchscreens), MIDI, OSC, Audio, Arduino and Video device using conditional processing and remapping, with MIDI or OSC events as its output. This resulting MIDI or OSC data is then available to any audio or music software that runs on that Mac or can be send to external MIDI/OSC devices.

junXion v4 is a system whereby the user creates so-called 'Patches'. Each Patch is a connection between a sensor input (for example: 'joystick X-axis' or Video Event Object y-position) and an Action (for example: 'convert the sensor data into midi controller 3, but only under certain conditions'). The Action is a user selectable set of conditions and actions that determine what should happen with the input-sensor's data and what kind of MIDI or OSC data should be send out.

junXion v4 features:

recognition and usage of 8 types of Input Sensors
Human Interface Events, such as joystick X-axis, mouse scroll wheel, touch screen Y-axis
MIDI Events, such as MIDI note events from Port 1, Mod. Wheel events from Port 2
Timer Events, internal data generating processes, up to 100 Timers can be used
OSC (Open Sound Control) Events via network
WiiRemote Events, the popular Wii controllers support (on bluetooth machines)
Audio Events, as level and pitch tracking sensors
Arduino Inputs, simply reading the sensors connected to an Arduino board and using junXion to process these
Video Inputs, use live video image to extract a 'Video Object' out of movement, color recognition, etc.
being resolution independent, junXion v4 can handle any input data up to 16-bit resolution
one Input Sensor such as 'joystick X-axis' can be connected to multiple Actions, thus generating multiple MIDI/OSC events
multiple Input Sensors can be connected to one Action, so for example several switches of your joystick can trigger the same Action
(auto) scaling of the incoming data.

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