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This is a software-only solution that emulates a television studio.
Software Information of Live Channel Pro 1.4
Size:1.20 MB
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Publisher's Descriptionof Live Channel Pro 1.4

With it, anyone can produce and broadcast live media over the Internet. It handles all production and broadcasting steps.

The user interface is based on Mac OS X's Aqua. It provides information tabs, multiple text lines and styles, and cropping. There are also controls for slow and fast motion along with gain and equalization.

This supports multiple live video and audio sources, recorded clips, still images, logos, graphics and text. It enables real-time video switching, composites and professional transitions. The Live Presenter feature allows synchronization of rich-media presentations with the live broadcast, including PowerPoint slides, photos, graphs, animations, text and interactive elements like forms, chat, and hyperlinks. The recording feature also allows for recording the broadcast for VOD viewing.


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