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Tools needed to prepare .ogm and .mkv files
Software Information of MKVtools 2.4.4
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Publisher's Descriptionof MKVtools 2.4.4

MoKgVm2DVD is now called MKVtools to better reflect it's improved capabilities. It is an OS X application that I originally developed to provide the tools needed to prepare .ogm and .mkv files for use in DivX enabled DVD players. It's capabilities have now been expanded to include the conversion of .mkv and .ogm videos into .mp4 files with presets for iPod/iPhone. Presets for Apple TV, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are also included but due to my limited ability to test on these platforms, they should probably be considered beta. MKVtools, as the name sort of implies, is a graphical interface for a variety of tools useful for processing .mkv and .ogm video files.

If you're unfamiliar with the .ogm and .mkv file formats you may want to read up on them here. You also might want to look here for information on viewing internet video files on your TV if you're unfamiliar with DivX enabled DVD players.

* Convert .mkv and .ogm videos to either .avi files or .mp4 files.
* Intuitively select desired video, audio and/or subtitle tracks to process, with the ability to verify the selections using video preview.
* Use presets for one step encoding for playback on iphones/ipods, Apple TV, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.
* Burn selected subtitle track (i.e., hard subtitles) into the video, though this requires that the video track must be re-encoded.
* Control the font, size and positioning of the embedded subtitles.
* Split .mkv videos into sections of a specified file size or by start/end time.
* Delete tracks from .mkv files.
* Join, mux and change the pixel aspect ratio of .mp4 videos.
* Extract the selected tracks as individual video, audio and/or subtitle files.
* Add jobs to a queue either individually or in batches via drag and drop so you can process multiple files overnight (registered copies only)

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