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Ogg Drop is a free .ogg file encoder / CD ripper.
Software Information of Ogg Drop 1.0b5
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Publisher's Descriptionof Ogg Drop 1.0b5

Ogg Drop is a free .ogg file encoder / CD ripper. It will convert CD's and AIFF files to the Ogg Vorbis audio format. Automatic CDDB lookup makes encoding CD's and tag editing a breeze.

.ogg is a free audio format alternative. It features sound quality that is generally higher than MP3, and has no licensing fees. Ogg Drop will encode audio tracks and CD's into .oggs. Ogg Drop is entirely free.

Ogg Drop includes a CDDB lookup of the FreeDB music database. Stick an audio CD into Ogg Drop, and it should be able to identify the songs automatically, and tag the songs for you.

Ogg Drop is an open beta application. We haven't declared it final yet because there are still features being added, but we felt it is stable enough to be available to the public as-is. We'll be moving the next update to the Cocoa platform, which will likely be the first 1.0.

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