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Peter's Player is a simple QuickTime movie player that is designed to play movies as smoothly as possible:
  • If there is enough RAM, it will load the entire movie before playing it, for the fastest-possible playback.
Software Information of Peter's Player 1.3
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Publisher's Descriptionof Peter's Player 1.3

  • It can detect the best dit depth to display a movie at and set your monitor appropriately.
  • It is "Accelerated For Power Macintosh," running at maximum possible speed on either 68k or Power Macintoshes.
  • It can play movies without showing the standard movie controller, which can be distracting and can slow down playback.
  • It supports keyboard shortcuts with the controller shown or hidden.
  • It can play every frame in a QuickTime movie, no matter how large (in this mode it will never play frames back faster than intended, but it may play them back slower, and any soundtrack there is will be ignored).
  • It plays movies against a black background, and you can even hide the menu bar, so (a) you're not distracted by the desktop, (b) you can dump smaller-than-full-screen movies to video tape, and (c) you can play movies that have custom color tables without screwing up the rest of the colors on-screen.

    PetersPlayer also lets you do some basic editing, and has a number of features not found in the standard QuickTime Movie Player.

    Please read the documentation for more complete information and instructions.


    System requirements: Peter's Player requires a Macintosh with a 68020 or later 68k processor or a Power Macintosh, System 7.0 or later; the QuickTime system extension; and at least 512K of free RAM. 2048K of free RAM and QuickTime version 2.1 or later are recommended.

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