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Pro-audio restoration for digital video, digital audio, music & dialog.
Software Information of SoundSoap Pro 2
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Publisher's Descriptionof SoundSoap Pro 2

SoundSoap Pro is an advanced noise reduction and audio restoration plug-in powerful enough for demanding audio professionals, yet easy enough for anyone to use. SoundSoap Pro's unique and comprehensive approach combines hum, rumble, click, crackle, and broadband noise reduction tools with a sophisticated noise gate, in a single intuitive user interface. Unlike other audio restoration tools, this streamlined, tab-based interface guides the user through the various tools in a way that yields the best results in the least amount of time. SoundSoap Pro works in practically any Audio Units, RTAS/AudioSuite, or VST host on Mac OS X.

Hum & Rumble Removal For Low-Frequency Problems

Hum And Rumble Even the faintest hum or rumble can ruin an otherwise perfect instrumental solo or irreplaceable dialog performance. Need to remove 60Hz hum, 50Hz hum, anything in between, or anything a lot lower? This tool gives you complete control over Q (filter width), Depth, Frequency, and up to 9 Harmonics. And in case you don't trust your ears, we've included a handy Hum meter as your guide.

Click & Crackle Reduction Cleans Up Old Vinyl Or Tape

Click And Crackle Ideal for serious vinyl noise, static-induced pops, cable connection crackles, or practically any brief and annoying transient, SoundSoap Pro's Click & Crackle tool delivers. A streamlined set of controls — Sensitivity and Threshold — provide instant, effective relief, while you monitor your work visually (via the spectrogram) and audibly (using the ABCD Compare and Noise Only options).

Broadband Removal For Noise With Components Over a Wide Range of Frequencies

Broadband The Broadband Noise Reduction tool is at once amazingly simple and powerful. Use the Learn Noise button to set the degree of reduction automatically — or fine-tune it yourself using the 12 Threshold and Reduction sliders. Attack and Release controls (plus tilt functions) further enhance the power at your command.

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