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Grand piano with MIDI compatibility
Software Information of UVI Grand Piano 1.0.1
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Publisher's Descriptionof UVI Grand Piano 1.0.1

Simply plug a MIDI keyboard in your computer and you're ready to play one of the best instrument ever made : a Steinway™ Model D Grand Piano.

UVI Instruments are well known and have been deeply used by professional musicians and producers for more than a decade thanks to some unique software like MOTU MachFive™, Ethno™ and BPM™, Spectrasonics Stylus™ and Atmosphere™, UVI Workstation™... to name a few.

UVI Grand Piano features the best of the UVI technology and the most efficient user interface to play the piano: launch it and play !

UVI Grand Piano features :

- Super easy to use and great sounding instrument

- Steinway™ Grand Piano Model D

- Recorded in a world class studio

- Deeply multi-sampled (sustain, release, pedal noise...)

- Expertly edited and scripted using the latest UVI Engine

- Low Memory usage thanks to lossless realtime decoding : only 400 MB instead 3 GB

- Custom velocity curves to fit your playing style

- Superb integrated convolution reverb

- CPU efficient

- Ultra low latency

- Compatible with built-in and all third party soundcards.

- Compatible with all USB/MIDI keyboards and controllers

- Easy to record in Garage Band, Logic and others audio software

What's New in Version 1.0.1

- Pedal and release volume control
- 3 Band Parametric EQ
- More flexible velocity customization

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